Reciprocal Business


It has been a pleasure connecting with all of you. My name is James Ford. I am the new VP of Marketing and Business Development for Arnold and Barton Insurance Group in Naples Florida. We handle all forms of Personal and Commercial Insurance, but specialize in the Commercial and Construction industry. We save Florida companies hundreds of thousands each year. Whether you are just a small garage or a large commercial contractor, we have the right plan for you.

Personal and Commercial clients of ours often need something built, repaired, remodeled or inspected to meet codes so we can provide them with the best coverage at the best price. We constantly refer companies from within our network to provide these services and in return we are recommended for our services when needed. Please feel free to email me a list of your specialties and the areas you service.

If I shall come into a situation where a client in your area is in need of your services, I will more be than happy to refer them to you. If you are ever interested in looking at alternative options for your insurance needs or know someone who does, please feel free to contact me at any time. We are always happy to compensate for a good referral. 
Best regards,

James Ford
239-331-8595 x 225


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