Port Royal Luxury Insurance Program

Port Royal Luxury Insurance Program

By Arnold & Barton Insurance

At Arnold & Barton Insurance Group , we work with individuals and families who face complex risk issues related to multiple holdings and significant responsibilities and need to protect assets. Many of our clients have multiple homes, significant collections, high-value assets and property, high-profile lifestyles, board-of-director responsibilities, public company leadership roles, or extensive multi-generational family to consider.

  Luxury  Home

Standard homeowner policies are great for most homes, but they usually don’t include the amount or types of insurance coverage owners of luxury homes require. Insurance company claim adjustors, who routinely see insurance claims on more average homes, often don’t develop the expertise necessary to properly estimate and settle claims on customized homes of high value.

  Luxury  Auto  &  Fleet

The Port Royal provides comprehensive car insurance includes protection for regularly used vehicles, antique cars, luxury motor homes, motorcycles and golf carts and often at significantly lower rates. Receive quality coverage while saving money insuring your vehicles. Our claims professionals are dedicated to providing personalized, efficient service, especially in the event of a claim.

  Luxury  Property  &  Assets

Your personal property includes a wide variety of valuable assets and may include anything from fine jewelry and accessories to a collection of vintage wine. Some of these assets may be on display in your home, vacation home or yacht and some will travel with you. Our comprehensive coverage protects your valuables from all types of losses, whether you are at home or traveling abroad.

 Personal  Excess  Liability

Personal excess liability policy protects you from lawsuits filed against you and your family for personal injury and property damage. Excess liability coverage is essential to a household’s financial security, and can provide vital support in the event of a lawsuit. The Port Royal offers broad, competitively priced protection you and your loved ones.

High  Value  Flood

Flood insurance can be a surprisingly affordable investment for your property against the high cost of an unforeseen disaster. People often don’t buy flood insurance due to common misconceptions that their homeowners insurance will cover the damage or the government will provide relief. With shifting weather patterns and increasingly dramatic storms a reality, many individuals who never worried about flood damage are paying painful out-of-pocket costs.

 Yacht  &  Watercraft

Arnold & Barton Insurance specialists can arrange insurance coverage for all categories of yachts and pleasure craft worldwide. We provide the finest and most affordable marine boat and yacht insurance products available. Our insurers represent the yachting spectrum from coastal cruising small boats to mega yachts worldwide.


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